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Throne of Eldraine

Eldraine is a medieval world filled with knights, castles and magical creatures. Wild magic is woven through the heart of the plane and two opposing but intertwined sides battle over it, impossible to untangle one from the other.

The Realm is ruled by High King Kenrith. It is split into five courts that came to be after mankind rose up and overthrew the Elven Lords that had enslaved them. These are Ardenvale, Vantress, Locthwain, Embereth and Garenbrig. Here anyone, male, female or otherwise, might be knighted and become a "Syr". Two individuals are chosen each generation by the Questing Beast to possibly become High King and High Queen, both having to quest throughout the courts and become knighted in each to receive the honor. Currently, there is no High Queen, as Linden Kenrith was unable to complete the last quest to Embereth.

Outside of the Realm is the Wilds, a place of untamed magic where the fair folk roams.